Strike and grapple rules

University Combat League strike and grapple amateur MMA C-class rules


Weight categories:

Adult Men (Open)

Adult Ladies (Open)



Note: In the case of only one competitor in a category, the gold medal will not be awarded by default. The competitor may fight in another section above their age or ability.

Note: In THE UNIVERSITY COMABT LEAGUE Strike and Grapple bouts, only one coach is allowed and he/she is to stay low or seated.
At no time may the coach enter the fighting area.
The referee may give a penalty point or disqualify the coaches student if this does happen.

The Competitor:

  • The competitor must be dressed in a clean and appropriate outfit.
  • The competitors should be wearing a clean Rash Guard (Or Tight T-shirt / Body Fit) with clean shorts.
  • There should be no zip fasteners, pockets or buttons.
  • Competitors cannot wear any metal objects that may cause injuries to the opponent.
  • Piercing, chains, watches or earrings are not allowed. Eyeglasses are forbidden; soft
  • contact-lenses are possible but at the competitor own risk.
  • Headbands, hairnets and scarves are not allowed since they may slip. Long hair must be tied together. This should be done with an elastic band. Hair grips are not allowed.

The Competitor’s Equipment:

  • Gum shield (mouth guard)
  • MMA Sparring Gloves – Adults 6 – 8 oz
  • MMA Shin guards
  • Groin protector (men) must be worn under the clothes;
  • Recommended: Women Groin Guard, Breast protector for females.


  • 2 X 4 minute round.
  • 6 – 8 oz sparring type MMA gloves.
  • No head shots what so ever.
  • No kicks to the head.
  • Standing – Low kicks and Kicks to the torso allowed
  • Standing – Punches to the body allowed
  • No kicks allowed to a grounded opponent
  • Punches to body of grounded opponent allowed


  • No elbow strikes, head body legs.
  • No heel hooks,
  • No spinal locks or striking to the spine.
  • No neck cranks, (any form of hyper extension.)
  • No spiking, (you cannot drop an opponent intentionally on to their head.)
  • No knees to the head, (if the opponent has three points of contact to the ground.)
  • No striking to the throat.
  • No striking to the back of the head.
  • No striking direct to the joints, (i.e. knee joints.)
  • No gauging.
  • No striking with the head.
  • No groin strikes.

Win By:

  • Your opponent tapping due to submission.
  • Your opponent tapping or calling stoppage due to not being able to continue.
  • Number of strikes connected if the match goes to decision.